In many cases we can offer E-Estimates, a convenient and free collision repair analysis without leaving your home or office. You decide if you want to submit a claim with your insurance company. Please use the following tips in sending us the best images of the damage so that we may give you an accurate estimate. E-estimates can only be done on small repairs such as minor bumper repairs, scratches and dents. Depending on the severity of the repair, once the car is disassembled, there could be additional charges if more damage has been hidden from the outside. If you already have an estimate from the insurance company we will use their estimate and supplement them if needed.

We need two separate images:

The close-up photo for the damage will give us the detail needed to determine the repairs needed. Please be sure the camera is in focus.

The overall photo will help us know where on the vehicle the damage is located to give a more accurate estimate. Take a few steps back from the vehicle, so you can capture a picture of the larger area on the damaged vehicle.

For example, if the front passenger door is dented or scratched, step back to take a picture of the entire passenger side.

While not every estimate can be fulfilled electronically (depending on the severity of damage), we understand how valuable your time is, and we are committed to doing everything we can to give you a thorough estimate of your damaged vehicle keeping wasted time at a minimum.

Please provide the following information in your E-Estimate.

Please send this information to Tori Wiley, Collision Center Advisor at vwiley@shelton.com

First Name
Last Name
Home Phone Number
Cell Phone Number
City, ST and Zip Code
Email address
VIN Number (17 digit number located on your vehicle registration)
Desired Appointment Date and Time
Attach the Photos
Any additional information

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