Meet the Shelton Team

  • Service 888-665-3414
    • Kel Rozanski Photo
      Kel Rozanski
      Service Manager
      Phone : 248-566-4042
    • Jeff Padyiasek Photo
      Jeff Padyiasek
      Service Advisor
      Phone : 248-656-4045
    • Marc Cortopassi Photo
      Marc Cortopassi
      Service Advisor
      Phone : 248-656-4044
    • Ron Broadwater Photo
      Ron Broadwater
      Service Advisor
      Phone : 248-656-4046
    • Richard Kaimala Photo
      Richard Kaimala
      Master ASE Technician
    • Mike Fox Photo
      Mike Fox
      Master ASE Technician
    • Louis Zimmel Photo
      Louis Zimmel
      Certified ASE Technician
    • Robert Fick Photo
      Robert Fick
      Certified ASE Technician
    • Sebastian Ghiurau Photo
      Sebastian Ghiurau
      Certified ASE Technician
    • Merv Hastings Photo
      Merv Hastings
      Service Department
    • Joe Eckhardt Photo
      Joe Eckhardt
    • Tori Wiley Photo
      Tori Wiley
      Body Shop Advisor
      Phone : 248-656-4029
    • Michael Rogers Photo
      Michael Rogers
      Body Shop Technician
    • Ted George Photo
      Ted George
      Body Shop Painter
  • Parts 888-665-3410

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